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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Voices of His Beloved ~

Someday maybe I’ll write more about the suppression of the voice of a woman. But for now I’ll just say that it’s a harsh, cruel reality in this world- since the beginning of time.

Fear and insecurities have stood close. Darkness knows that Life comes through the womb of a woman.

Aren’t we glad that Jesus defies the things of this world! I stand in awe of His heart towards His daughters. NEVER second class citizens in the eyes of our Father!

Sisters know this, the pain we’ve endured, the tears we’ve cried, the sacrifices we’ve made while putting others first- all have NOT escaped our GOD. Even the well-meaning things we tried to do for Him in human strength makes Him smile.

There is a VOICE of one crying in the wilderness- prepare the way for the LORD! He IS raising up our roar to defeat that which tried to defeat us. The time of RECOMPENSE is here.

Yes, She Rises, for the sake of her King…

Isaiah 61


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