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The Secret Place

I can’t shake the need to share this. Why? Because it is vital. We generally don’t hear this in church, and many don’t know this.

I am not pointing fingers. Some days I can barely lead myself. But I long to see a glorious Body of Believers influencing a lost and dying world.

How does an orphan think, even once they are adopted? Do the years of disconnect cause them to scratch and claw for a new parent’s attention- even when they already have it? Do they feel threatened and insecure with new siblings because they don’t really KNOW the new parents' love? If they’re not working really hard- doing this or that- do they think they will miss out on the new parents’ blessings?

I was personally imprisoned for almost 25 years. The LORD is saying “no more”.

This message carries keys- the way to undo the knots of performance in our thinking, decisions, and behaviors…to no longer live as orphans, but beloved sons and daughters. The resulting activity will be overflow.

Therefore, buy oil.


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